You didn’t think twice about booking a professional photographer to capture all the magical moments for your special day – so why wouldn’t you have a great wedding videographer too? Choosing to have a professional videographer isn’t for everyone, but for some, it can be the best wedding decision you ever make. Here’s Abraxas’ top five reasons why you need a wedding videographer.

Capturing real emotion

When asked about their biggest wedding regret, 98% of couples said they wished they had a wedding video package that captured the moments that photographs couldn’t. You can’t possibly hear how your guests will react to certain parts of your day, but on film, you’ll be able to look back on speeches, laughter, your first dance and the emotion in your guests voices that you might not have heard. It’s worth allocating some of your wedding budget for a professional videographer to make sure you get the best possible footage and memories that last a lifetime.

Missed moments

As every married couple will tell you, your wedding day will be a blur. The day goes by so quickly that you don’t remember all of the details from the day. A wedding video can capture those moments you may miss, giving you a reminder of how you felt and a chance to relive those special times over and over again.

Share your day with family and friends

As much as you want all of your friends and family to attend, not everyone will be able to attend your wedding. Not only is sharing a 5-15 minute video much easier than 500 photos, but allows them to feel part of your special day and enjoy the wedding with you.

Your wedding videographer can get creative

When we say ‘wedding video’ most people think of the old wedding videos they may have seen in the 80s. These days, wedding videographers use top of the range equipment, music and digital creativity to turn your video into a memory that you’ll happily watch over and over again in the future.

Here at Abraxas, we understand weddings can be expensive. That’s why we work with you to deliver a bespoke wedding photography and video package that fits within your budget so you can have your cake and video too! To find out more today, get in touch!

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