Less than 30 minutes drive from our office, Biggleswade is a small town just off the A1 about 40 miles north of London and is host to one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the country which most people who live in Biggleswade have never seen, it really is a hidden gem.

From some of the feedback we’ve had of this 60 second video teaser almost everyone has said it must have been shot in Spain, Italy or France, so eyebrows are definitely raised when we tell them it’s here in the UK…in Biggleswade.

Mark and James married at Shortmead House at the weekend, the hottest June day on record for 60 years and the person you see jumping in the pool is Mark shortly after the wedding breakfast and he was all geared up with the perfect outfit to jump in.

A lot of the guests had bought swim wear and some that didn’t still (carefully) got in. With temperatures over 32 degrees it was much needed; unfortunately for the Abraxas team we weren’t able to!

Mark and James’ ceremony was held outdoors, drinks and canapes were enjoyed straight afterwards as the guest mingled and played some of the games that were laid out for them, there were plenty areas of shade for everyone to take a breather from the heat, as most of you know it really was that hot last Saturday.

Working in that heat isn’t the easiest thing, plenty of water and something to eat regularly kept us going.

It’s common for cameras to overheat in these conditions and two of our cinema cameras had warning symbols appear even though they have built in fans, so we had to monitor things carefully whilst making sure we didn’t miss anything.

The video shows two people very much in love and we’d like to think we’ve created a memory that will last forever that no amount of money could ever replace.

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