Weddings are expensive, the food, cake, photography, the dress, the suits…we can go and on.

Deciding what’s important to you is worth thinking about and for many couples Photography is very much at the top or near the top of the list. However having a wedding video is now becoming almost as essential as photography for some couples.

Without trying to sell you wedding video we really would say that the money you’ll spend on having one is something you will never regret. The feedback we get from our couple’s when they receive their video often touches us, the feelings expressed are genuine and emotional and we know we’ve done it right for them.

For some weddings we film we’ll add a short teaser to social media, unfortunately we don’t get to read a lot of the ‘shared’ posts due to Facebook privacy, but couples will often tell us about the reaction they received to the teaser.

If you’re thinking about having you’re wedding filmed simply get in touch with us to check availability first and then come in to our showroom and have a closer look.

You really won’t regret it.

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