Asian weddings encompass so many different emotions from laughter, happiness and tears of sadness. The bond between family is never more evident than at a Sikh wedding because it really is all about family.

Capturing a Sikh wedding with photos or video can be an incredibly difficult job when there are so many different things going on and some traditions happen in an as photographers an videographers we really have to be on the ball!

In previous years photographers and video ran the wedding, everything seemed to be dictated to their needs and video companies used huge cameras with blinding lights…it was all very intrusive.

When we cover a Sikh wedding the idea is to let it all flow naturally, we don’t dictate anything and let things just happen, this approach enables us to capture the true essence of each moment and in turn show true emotion.

An Asian wedding is an ‘event’, it’s so much more than just one wedding day particularly as there are many traditions and ‘get togethers’ leading up to the actual wedding day.

Full of colour and detail there is so much to see that non-Sikh guests are often left bewildered by everything that’s going on around them!

The noise, the drums, the dancing……it all leaves a lasting impression.

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