Live Stream your Wedding

If you find some of your family and friends are unable to attend your wedding we now offer a high quality streaming service allowing those closest to you to be very much a part of your day. Times have changed and we’re embracing new technology to provide an even better service than ever. Having been […]

Forever and Always: The Emotional Connection of Wedding Photography

Wedding photography and wedding day are two of the most precious collections of moments you will always remember – no matter how old you grow. With that being said, standing out in the whole crowd and making your moments ever special are two aspects that can only be attained through wedding photography. Let’s have a […]

Wedding Videographer: A Step Forward to Keeping Your Love Story for Eternity

Wedding Videographer is one of the critical essentials of any big day; especially your wedding day. The moments turn into memories, and they shall be stored with love. The reels, motion capture, and emotions on any wedding day are invaluable as they show the power of love, cosy emotions, and heartfelt feelings. With that being […]

Best Wedding Photographer: A Key to Lock the Best Moments on Your Wedding Day

The best wedding photographers can make your day more special with their passion and skills for photography or videography. On the big events like wedding day, while you take the oath and get to spend life with your significant other – there is no way not to capture the beautiful moments that can always be […]

How To Enjoy Your Wedding Photography and Wedding Video Experience

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and capturing it through photography and video is an essential part of preserving your memories. It’s important to find a wedding photographer and wedding videographer who can capture your special moments and make the experience enjoyable for you and your partner. In […]

Why You Need A Wedding Album

A wedding day is one of the most special days of anyone’s life. It’s a day filled with emotional laughter and happiness and moments that you will never forget. Make your day beautiful with Abraxas – Wedding photographer Bedfordshire. Our memories do however fade and a wedding album is the most obvious way of helping […]