A lot of news stories regarding weddings, at the moment we have no idea how things will be affected. For now it’s business as usual and we’re as prepared as we can be.

Being a team, if one if us is taken ill we have adequate cover so if the weddings we have booked all take place as normal we’ll still be there!

Finding ‘the one’ just got harder. We’re not talking about the love of your life, but what happens once you’ve already found them: the big day – and, of course, the dress. For many women, the search for the perfect wedding dress can be an arduous affair that takes weeks or months of scouring bridal shops and online retailers. Many of the dresses are imported from other countries – and, unfortunately, if you currently have your eye on a piece from China, there’s bad news. Labour MP Chris Bryant has warned that due to the coronavirus pandemic, production has been stalled and there is now a shortage of wedding dresses in the UK. ‘Many wedding dresses in this country are designed in this country but made in China, and wedding dress companies in the UK, including in my constituency, have found it really difficult because the factories have been closed in China and they’re now suffering,’ said Bryant. ‘Having married many women in my time when I was a vicar, I am aware that this is very time sensitive, and there is a real danger to many of these businesses that they are going to suffer enormous financial loss, let alone to the families.’ Spring is often peak season for wedding dress shopping, so the Labour MP has suggested that the Government put in place ‘some kind of financial support’ to assist companies in need of help during this period. Health Secretary Matt Hancock responded by saying that he is raising the issue with the Treasury, which is also looking at other supply chain problems for products such as medicines. ‘He raises an important point and through the medium of the wedding dress makes actually a much broader point, which is that a huge amount of things are made in China,’ he says. ‘And this is true also of drugs and pharmaceuticals and right across the board, especially clothing. ‘And this virus and the impact on China will have an impact here through those supply chain problems and I am working with the Treasury on the appropriate response to that. ‘Containing the virus will obviously have health benefits but it will have economic benefits too.’ Far be it from us to judge which dress a bride wears, but in the face of the crisis, might we suggest finding an alternative outfit for now?

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