Unless you had the budget to hire a helicopter it was impossible to get the dramatic views that wedding drones are able to capture. A qualified drone operator is much cheaper than a helicopter and less intrusive!

With the recent security issues at Gatwick and Heathrow Airports we’re all so much more aware of the safety and legal aspects of flying a drone and when it comes to weddings, it really is important for you to do things right if you’re thinking of using a drone at your wedding.

Firstly lets get the obvious things out of the way, never use a family member or friend to bring a drone to use at your wedding no matter how good they may be with it. In most cases wedding venues won’t allow drones without prior agreement by qualified companies.

Not all photographers and videographers are licensed to fly drones, so you have to check they are qualified and insured.

Some unqualified drone operators legally try and get around the law by not charging for drone filming but for ‘delivery’, we don’t know who thought of this and doubt it has legal standing.

If you would like a drone to capture photos and video on your wedding day check the company you are using have everything in place, some venues insist on £10m Public Liability insurance, Method Statements and Risk Assessments so there can be paperwork involved at times.

Drones are a great visual at a wedding, guests love them, they’re a great talking point

and add that extra special dimension to your wedding video.

If you have any questions about our drones service at weddings we’re happy to have a chat and explain the drones we use and how we use them.

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