The warmest Easter for many years, it was the perfect day for Rachael and Neil who married at Eversholt Hall, a lovely Bedfordshire wedding venue very close to Woburn.

It was an emotional ceremony with both the bride and groom in tears and throughout the whole day it was easy to see how they felt about one another. This closeness led us to editing the 60 second preview that features just the the two of them.

Both the photography and video were so easy to do as Rachael and Neil simply went with the flow, they were happy to do anything we asked and this not only made for better photos and video but it also meant everything was effortless and quicker.

The venue was also perfect for the drone showing countryside views of Bedfordshire that will be used in the final edit of their main film.

As photographers we get so many people saying to us how we must love the sun for photos, but it actually makes our job a little harder as the contrast in the light and shade has to be balanced correctly. The best weather is a dry, dull day although we understand nothing is better than a bright sunny day for everyone else!

On that note, it’s important when booking your photographers and video you make sure they are experienced to handle all weather conditions be it rain, sun, wind or whatever else it decides to do! You need a team that can effortlessly cope with everything and still get great photos and video. A lot of wedding photographers can be very much out of their depth and you don’t want to find this out on the actual wedding day.

It will no doubt cost you more to use an experienced team but it can make the difference to not just having great photos on your day but inexperienced photographers can also very easily ruin much of your day.

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