When it comes to wedding planning, there are a million and one things to remember. So it’s no surprise that one, two or even 25 wedding details can fall through the cracks. Weddings, both big and small, can be incredibly overwhelming. With so many people, vendors and logistics to manage, its easy to overlook an essential detail.

Here at Abraxas, Bedford Wedding Photographers, we understand how important your special day is. Here’s our list of five, easy to forget, wedding essentials to save you from overlooking these details too!

Book a hotel room block

If you’re having guests travel to your wedding venue, make sure to book a block of rooms. Most hotels provide room blocks of five or more, with a guest discount and guaranteed availability on your big day.

Check dietary requirements

You’ve managed to book a caterer for your wedding day, but did you remember to ask your guests about any dietary requirements they might have? Be sure to make note of all the guests who have food allergies or are vegan or vegetarian. Providing a list will not only ensure your big day goes off without a hitch, but will make compiling a menu that suits everyone easier for your caterer – and they’ll love you for it!

Designate a photo wrangler

Your professional photographer isn’t going to know who your important family members are. By designating a photo wrangler, along with a shot list, they will be able to grab specific family members easily for you so your wedding day can stay on track with timing.

Arranging event lighting

Lighting is great for setting the mood and vibe at a wedding. While the right lighting is good for ensuring your venue looks its best during the evening, it might be a time your wedding photographer would like to capture some magically lit photos. Make sure you arrange event lighting for your wedding day so you can create beautiful wedding photos that you can look back on with a smile.

Here at Abraxas, our team of professional wedding photographers and videographers provide a personalised service. Our expertise in the industry allows us to capture traditional and creative shots on your big day, for memories you’ll never forget. For more information about our services, get in touch!

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