In recent years camera manufacturers and new technology has helped to change the style of the traditional wedding video.

Even now when we talk to couples about wedding video they are apprehensive, as they think their video is going to look as though it’s a clip from You’ve Been Framed.

However nothing could be further from the truth, wedding videos have changed dramatically and we have two aims when it comes to your wedding video; firstly we want to tell a creative story and secondly we want to create emotion and bring tears!

The style of filming has changed, it used to be that wedding films would be hours long and therefore dull to watch. Fortunately this is now a thing of the past as filming and editing has become so much more creative and involved, so films have taken on a more cinematic approach.

Notice also how we tend to use the word ‘Film’ more so than ‘Video’ as it’s a better description of what we now produce. Your wedding film is something that needs to grab your attention in the same you watch a series on Netflix, it has to have impact, it needs to tell a story, it needs to create emotion, laughter, tears. Something you watch over and over again and without a doubt the best part of we do is when a bride and groom call or message us the day after they’ve received their final film to tell us they’ve watched it over and over again just in the first evening.

Editing your wedding film takes time, a lot of time and we allow on average 8-10 weeks per edit. It’s only when you see the final film that you appreciate the amount of work that’s gone in to each and every wedding as it becomes our own personal piece of art.

The equipment used in high end films range from full HD through to 4K cameras and now we also see the introduction of 8K, these levels allow film makers to offer cinematic grade quality, and combined with professional editing software we can masterfully edit and colour grade your footage to make it look like something you’d see in at the cinema.

The technology and our creative thinking is what makes the final productions high end rather than a traditional wedding video.

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