If you’re currently planning your wedding and looking at photography and video you’ve probably discovered the huge amount of people out there offering these services.

Recommendations are always a good start, but don’t just assume a recommendation is the best choice for you. Recommendations can be odd in that if you ask a lot of people they will often recommend a friend or somebody they just get on with, but can you really say that recommendation is best for you?

Venue recommendations can often be good but again it’s worth doing your homework, particularly as some venues take a commission from suppliers.

How genuine are testimonials on websites when anyone can write one? Trust is a huge word in the industry. Ask your photographers if the work they are showing you is genuine or if it’s using models particularly as a lot of wedding suppliers get together for ‘themed’ shoots.

Trust…..that word again. If you’re looking for both photography and video are the company you’re looking at genuinely offering both services or are they using a third party under their own name to offer one of the services? There’s not necessarily anything wrong with that, it’s just that you need to be fully aware of who really is shooting your wedding be it photography or video.

A lot of photographers will offer you a second photographer on your wedding day which is great and invaluable, however it’s important to ask who that second photographer is. There are websites and social media pages where photographers will ask other photographers if they are available to work with them as a second photographer as they’ve just taken a booking. A lot of photographers won’t even pay a second photographer because they’ll use a student. Remember, that’s all happening at your wedding!

The right company is out there for you, there really are a lot of good photographers and video people, you just have to be sure you’re booking the right one for you.

Listen to Amy and Alex talking about their wedding day photography and video experience.

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