The wedding was perfect. Your husband made it to the wedding on-time, the best man didn’t make an embarrassing speech and your mother in-law didn’t wear white! But then you receive the proofs of your wedding photos, and suddenly, you’re faced with a nuptial nightmare you never saw coming: your wedding photos are not what you expected.

Blurry, no close ups and washout images that show no detail of your dress. It’s an absolute disaster. So what can you do to avoid this wedding photography nightmare? Here are Abraxas’ top tips to prevent this from happening to you.

Choose splurge over steal

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. When searching for your wedding photographer and videographer, be cautious about hiring a company who are willing to deeply discount their work.

Your wedding photographs are a lasting memory from your wedding day and not one of the areas you want to cut costs. If you fall in love with a certain photographer’s style, but think their rates are steep, consider cutting down the cost of other parts of your wedding in order to make it work.

Sign a contract

The first thing any professional wedding photographer should do with a client is sign a contract. If your photographer doesn’t make this request or refuses to enter one with you, find another photographer. If you’re unhappy with the way your wedding cinematography came out and you do not have a contract, you will have no concrete rights to receive a refund. Contracts protect both you and the photographer and are essential when dealing with a once in a lifetime event.

Plan ahead

If you want the best for your wedding day, Abraxas advise you book your wedding photography at least nine months before your wedding day. If you wait until the last minute, all of the great photographers will be gone. The more legwork you do on your end, the less likely you will have a wedding photography nightmare.

Here at Abraxas, we pride ourselves on offering bespoke wedding photography services to ensure you can avoid a photography nightmare. If you’re looking for a professional photographer or videographer, get in touch with our team today by calling our office in Bedford, on 01234 841912.

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