Finding the perfect wedding venue is always at the top of any newly engaged couples list. Your wedding venue plays a vital role in your big day and just like buying a house, it’s a decision you will want to get right.

With so much choice, its easy to become overexcited and fall in love with a place without properly checking if it can cater to your requirements. As wedding photographers in Bedfordshire, Abraxas understands how important the venue is to your wedding and the importance it has for your photographs. Here’s our guide to choosing the perfect location to hold your wedding.

The size of the venue

Deciding on how big your wedding party is will help narrow down your choice of wedding venue. The size of your venue is vital to the enjoyment of your guests, too small and the room will feel overcrowded, but too big and the space will feel cold and empty. Ask to see photographs of the venue when it’s set up for a wedding, so you have an idea of how the space is used before you book.

The location

While location is important for your wedding cinematography, it’s also important to consider how accessible it is for your guests. If your guests are not local to the area, choose a venue that is easily accessible, has accommodation on site or hotels that are close by. If you have guests travelling from abroad, make sure it’s not too far away from the airport. Remember, your guests comfort and experience are vital to ensure a happy and memorable occasion.

Your theme

Before booking your venue, think about how it can enhance your wedding aesthetic. Impressive country houses are perfect for more traditional weddings, whereas warehouses and art galleries are perfect for a modern ceremony. For more outdoorsy couples, a garden marquee or castle with large grounds would provide perfect opportunities for wedding photography and video.

The lighting

Lighting plays a key part in your wedding, especially for yourprofessional wedding photography. Think about the natural lighting of a venue and how good the lighting will be during the evening. Cameras will be a big part of your day so remember to consider where your photographs will be, what the surrounding area will look like and where you will take outdoor photographs.

Wherever you choose to have your wedding, Abraxas promises that your wedding photographer and videographer will capture traditional and creative shots on your big day, for memories you’ll never forget. To find out more today, get in touch!

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