Willington Church and The Barns Hotel in Bedford were the picturesque settings for Sadie and Lee’s wedding. Not only did they have two lovely venues but also temperatures reaching over 30 degrees in what has been the warmest August Bank Holiday on record.

The wedding had a little bit of everything, a red double decker bus for the guests, a very emotional moment when Sadie arrived at the church and laid flowers at her Grandad’s grave, a surprise horse and carriage all with the backdrop of hot sunshine and heat…it really was the perfect day.

The couple now have the photos to look forward to as well as a great wedding video of the big day, they can never go back and do it again but they will always be able relive the day and the wonderful memories they created.

Naturally we sound like sales people here but the importance of having great wedding photos and a wedding video can’t be over estimated as they will both be such treasured possessions not just for the bride and groom but also for their families when looking to the future.

Having a wedding budget and actually sticking to it is pretty unheard of, you will end up spending more on the things you would like to help make the day perfect. Consider carefully where you should spend your money, is the cake more important than say an extra bridesmaid? Should you spend more money on the wedding rings or allow a little for a photo booth? Is it worth spending the money on a great photographer or would you be happy to spend half the amount on an amateur photographer and use the rest towards a DJ?

We can’t answer those questions for you, only you can do that. Our advice is to list your priorities in order and not to shop on price alone. Considering quality over price will also give you peace of mind on your wedding day,

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