With the number of weddings that we at Abraxas shoot, we get to see the first dance and hear all the different songs wedding couples choose.

Every year there’s always one artist that tends to be the most popular and in 2018 Ed Sheeran wins that award easily. In 2017 we reckon it was probably Ellie Goulding.

A lot of couples view the first dance as a highlight of their wedding day whilst others aren’t so keen and are desperate for the guests to join them on the dancefloor very quickly!

Occasionally the groom is heckled by his mates which isn’t so good, it is after all a special moment for many bride and grooms.

Other popular artists we’ve heard throughout 2018 have been;

As we’re at so many weddings it’s great to hear something different and one song tat springs to mind which was is 2017 was Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, now if you know that song it has a long intro and is also a pretty long song overall, but it’s still the one song we remember for being a real surprise, it was also absolutely perfect.

Italian weddings have the tradition of the couple being covered in confetti, wrapped in paper and silly string but it’s only great if the couple have been allowed to dance for at least half of the song before guests charge in!

Indian weddings now tend to be a mix of different types of music, you never know what’s going to be played, it’s similar to Italian weddings in that guests come up to the bride and groom but instead of wrapping them in paper, guests wave money over the couple’s heads and put the money where the DJ or band are playing which is then given to the couple.

It’s all very different, everyone has their own tastes but the best first dance is always where the guests surround the couple and watch them enjoying that moment, we’ve captured a lot of tears on film over the years!

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