As wedding photographers it’s important for us to keep up to date with our photography style, at the same time it’s also important to have a style of our own and be understanding of any style a bride and groom would like their photos to be.

Vintage filters, washed out and very bright, white, over exposed images has been ‘the look’ for some time and anyone posting on Instagram is probably using filters when posting their photos. It’s so easy to do.

The problem with filters is how quickly they can date, remember fashion and styles change and wedding photography definitely falls in to that category. We recently looked at some Instagram pages of other photographers who follow us and we couldn’t help but notice how similar every image looked, each and every wedding looked the same so it was difficult to differentiate between each and every wedding.

If you’re in the process of looking for a wedding photographer for your wedding day look carefully at the work of photographers, if their work looks the same then think about how adaptable and flexible they really are.

Your wedding is unique to you, so your wedding photography should also reflect this.

If you’d like to chat about the photography for your wedding simply call us on 01234 841912 or email and as long as we have your wedding date available in our diary you can make an appointment to come in to our showroom to have a look around and chat about your day in detail.

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