Natural wedding photography is possibly the most popular request from couples, nobody wants to spend ages taking photos on their wedding day.

Keeping photos natural isn’t just about the bride and groom ignoring their photographers and doing their own thing, the best natural photos are still prompted and guided by the photographers and the very best photographers will do this effortlessly. In fact so effortlessly you won’t even know what they are trying to do because they do it so naturally.

You don’t want your photographer asking you on the day what photos you would like as just the bride and groom because most couples don’t know! It has to be up to the photographer to make it enjoyable for you, and the most enjoyable photos to do are usually the best ones.

So Clara and Rob whose wedding we shot last weekend at Shuttleworth House in Bedfordshire, relied on us to guide them and because the weather was so windy we had to do things slightly different by finding areas where they were shielded from the wind, but they were never aware of what we were doing…they just went with the flow!

One thing Clara the bride said to us at their pre-wedding meeting was the one thing they really didn’t like was windy conditions, so we were aware of this. What this meant was that we needed to pose them a little more than we usually do but it was only 20 minutes of photos and that was it, fast, efficient and stunning wedding photos.

There are so many images we could show but the bride and groom aren’t collecting their photos for another week, so we released the three images shown here on social media….and they loved them!!

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