We see every type of emotion at weddings, tears of joy, tears of sadness, laughter and so much more.

It’s easy to miss those moments, as a bride and groom you’re not aware these things are happening so it’s only when you see the photos and video that you become aware how precious those moments were.

One of the most touching moments we have witnessed was the gift Hannah gave her groom Ben on the morning of his wedding, a gift that will be precious for the rest of their lives and you can see this at the video below. It really is a touching moment.

Without the wedding video they’d never have been able to look back at this and family and friends can now also look to see what happened on the day.

We love capturing these moments because they’re different every time , no two weddings are ever the same so as a team of wedding photographers and video we need to be totally in the moment and be prepared to capture things as they really happen.

If you’re looking to book your photographers and video why not get in touch with us to check our availability and then coming in to meet us in our Bedford office and showroom.

Simply fill in the enquiry form here on the website, call us on 01234 841912 or email at info@abraxasphoto.co.uk to enquire.

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