A lot of wedding photography can look the same, photographers follow trends and fashions so much that it becomes difficult to separate one set of wedding photos from another.

One of the main reasons for this is the constant use of Photoshop and ready made photo filters, everyone can use them easily on Instagram and a wedding photo often looks stunning because of the filter used. There’s nothing wrong with using filters, it’s just that everything starts looking the same.

The ‘Vintage’ theme that has been so popular in recent years is now gradually changing, with couples being aware of filters being heavily used many are now preferring images that look far more natural.

Our own wedding photography style for many years is best described as ‘Classic and Contemporary’. The idea is to produce images that don’t date, images that stand the test of time so in 20 years they still look like they were shot yesterday.

To achieve this we look and style our aim is to shoot very simple classic images, they’re hard to do because everything has to be perfect. The current popular style is to shoot everything as it happens which is fine, but a lot of photographers are simply shooting ‘snaps’ that anyone is capable of doing on their phones… so why pay a professional?

Our bride in this photo is Katherine whose wedding we shot a couple of weeks ago, by shooting a series of posed photos in a very simple style without any fuss makes her look stunning.

Why you should pay a professional for your wedding photos is a completely different article, what we’re saying here is that you need to look back at your wedding photos that look like they were taken professionally, not just a series of snaps.

The best and only way to look at a photographers work is to meet them and look through complete weddings, not samples of the best photos from a range of different weddings.

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