Having been established as a business for 25 years we continue to invest in the best technology and team members. July was one of the busiest months we’ve ever had with a number of weddings and commercial shoots so we’ve been a little slow with our blog updates here.

However we have a new team member who will look after the blog in the near future. So we’re going to try and catch up with some recent weddings and start with Stacey and Joe who married at The Sharnbrook Hotel. As with all of our couples they were lovely to work with and worked to the timings we suggested and this help made it such a great day for them where they felt relaxed and never rushed…the key to this is being ready early!

We generally spend about 20 minutes with every bride and groom for photos of just the two of them, the time we spend is minimal and a lot of photos are taken in that time. Also 20 minutes is enough for the bride and groom to enjoy the actual photography, we know some couples are taken away from their guests for over an hour for photos and never generally enjoy the experience. One of the key points to getting great photos of the bride and groom is to keep it short and get stunning images in that period.

The memory of being photographed on your wedding day has to be a good one for every bride and groom and that’s our job to make sure it happens!

With Stacey and Joe we left the hotel grounds for a short period to get a series of great images and this is one of those simple, classic images that will remain timeless.

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