When it comes to the wedding day everyone looks forward to the speeches, the food, the first dance and the cake. The actual wedding ceremony can easily be overlooked in that guests arrive for the ‘formal part’ and after that they can start enjoying themselves.

Wedding ceremonies vary greatly in time, some are very short and over in a matter of minutes whilst others are more drawn out to over two hours for say an Asian wedding.

Civil wedding ceremonies in the UK have to be non religious, so any readings have to be approved by the registrars who strictly adhere to this and there are many ceremonies that have no readings.

The key moments are of course the wedding vows, that moment between the bride and groom and the moment that most couples are very nervous about. These nerves can often result in pure emotion be it tears or laughter.

Casey and Jess shown in this image married at Crockwell Farm and were an emotional couple, the vows clearly meant so much to them and it was clear to see how close they were as a couple.

If you’re getting married treasure those wedding vows, say them slowly, look in to your partner’s eyes and say those words carefully with no thoughts for anything else. Yes there is the first dance, the wedding cake, the toasts and everything else, but the wedding vows are truly your moment as a bride and groom.

The memories of the vows will be with you forever, but the memory can also fade, so having them captured on video is worth………, there really are no words to describe how much it’s worth.

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