Katherine and Chris married at Sharnbrook Church and The Sharnbrook Hotel in Bedfordshire last Friday.

We covered both photography and video for the whole day starting at The Sharnbrook Hotel with Katherine’s preparations.

Both Katherine and Chris have a personal connection with the hotel owners so it felt very much like a family event with the four young bridesmaids being the daughters of the owner, so it was a special day for a number of people.

This 60 second teaser is part of every video package we offer and with the couple’s agreement it’s posted on to social media a few days after the wedding day. The response is fantastic and the messages we receive from couples and the messages couples receive from their own family and friends are always so complimentary.

These short teasers are watched countless times and are great whilst the bride and groom are waiting for their main final film edit.

Not having a wedding video is now the biggest regret for most couples and everyone tells us afterwards it was so worth it that they’d never be without it.

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