If you’re in the process of looking for photographers for your wedding day you’ll find an endless list of photographers to choose from, unless you’ve been recommended to a particular company it’s difficult to know who to book.

We’ve written and will continue to write blogs on how to choose the right wedding photographers for your big day. But for this particular post we’re going to briefly discuss some of the different styles photographers offer and at the same time ask the question whether all styles are actually the same.

Let’s start with one style that is very much in at the moment; ‘Vintage’, a lot of wedding photographers say they specialise in this style. But Abraxas wedding photographers in Bedfordshire are asking the question to see if actual wedding theme is vintage or if the photography style is vintage.

Could a photographer shoot a vintage style at a wedding that has a completely different theme?

The answer to the question is probably ‘yes’, simply because vintage style photography tends to be images that have had filters added post production to give them a vintage look.

Luxury is another word that’s being used a lot these days, in fact in 2019 Luxury Wedding Photography has never been so popular, but what is it, what makes wedding photography ‘luxury’?

The word ‘luxury’ has definitely become a buzz word, people love luxury; hotel rooms, airport VIP lounges, cars, places to eat and fashion all have high end luxury brands.

Natural, informal, reportage; another style of photography that is very popular. With this style you have to be careful, are photographers who specialise in ‘natural’ wedding photography simply photographers who are to shy and lack confidence in getting the best photos on a wedding day?

Are ‘natural’ wedding photographers missing important family photos?

What we’re saying is be careful of wedding photographers who specialise in one particular form of photography. The best photographers are those able to adapt a style suited to your wedding and in most cases that also means the very best photographers will be shooting a number of different styles on your wedding day. There will be some formal photos, there will be a lot of natural photos, you’ll want some photos that will look like they’re from a magazine, in fact what every bride and groom would really like is a style that covers as many different styles as possible.

When you look at your proofs after the wedding the best set of photos will be a mix of classic, contemporary, natural, reportage, essential, formal and emotional.

The conclusion when it comes to the very best wedding photography is walking away with a set of photos that tell the story of your wedding day.

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