When you’re making plans for your big day, you dream of a warm, sunny and dry wedding, where you and your guests can enjoy celebrating outside in the nice weather. The last thing that you want to picture is a miserable, wet and windy day. Sometimes however, mother nature isn’t on your side and this doesn’t go to plan.

Of course, this is every bride’s worst nightmare as they picture wet hair, a soggy dress and ruined photographs. But this doesn’t need to dampen your day. With the right plans in place, the rain can create the most beautiful and romantic photography effects.

As wedding photographers in Bedfordshire, we’re used to the unpredictable British weather and we understand the importance of not letting this effect your memories. Here’s a few examples from our professional photographer, of how you can use the rain to your advantage for your photos.

Time to reflect

If it’s been raining for the majority of the day, puddles will inevitably start to appear around the grounds, so use them! Any bodies of water, from the smallest of puddles to the biggest of lakes are natural tools that you can use to enhance your images. Get creative with the reflection by playing around with symmetry and the angle of the shot to capture a unique photo.

Take shelter

Not only do umbrellas provide much needed shelter when it’s raining on your wedding day, but they can also act as a romantic prop. Keeping under an umbrella close together as newlyweds can really help to tell a story. There is so much going on around you but what stands out in the photo is the love between you both. Depending on how heavy the rain is you could go even further and put on some wellies for another fun twist.

Lighting up

As a wedding photographer in Bedford, the first thing we look at when shooting in the rain is the light effects that it can create. By using the right flash settings on the camera, you can catch each drop of rain as it falls to create a magical backdrop to your photographs. Wet look pictures also make colours in the frame pop by enhancing the pigmentation. In the right light everything will appear richer or brighter.

Whatever the weather may be on your wedding day, we will make sure that your wedding photographer and videographer gets creative and captures the best set of shots on your day. To find out more, get in touch!

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